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522013-05-25In which Casey and Quez and Spacey briefly talk about minigames and card games. Quez has never played Triple Triad.
512013-05-18In which Quez and I intend to talk about player housing but I rant about Wario Land II on the Gameboy Color.
502013-05-04In which special guests Spacey and James II and I talk about Candy Box and graphics in Punchlands.
492013-04-27In which special guests Casey's parents and Spacey's parents and Spacey join us and reminisce about video games and their effect on our lives.
482013-04-13In which I talk more about defense towers and quest flags.
472013-04-06In which I talk about Punchlands tower defenses and Spacey talks about Wanikani.
462013-03-30In which I briefly detail the past week of Punchlands development.
452013-03-16In which I am briefly joined by Space Piranha who speaks on assigning minecraft as schoolwork to her students. Sound quality warning: Playing Minecraft while talking.
442013-03-09In which Spacey and I talk about Beat Hazard Ultra, the new dungeon system I'm making in Punchlands, avatars and game art, and Punchlands.
432013-03-02In which I ramble on about fun (which is nebulous) and fail to reveal an exciting surprise project.
422013-02-23In which special guest Queztatlapoca and I talk about Anodyne and Punchlands and monetary incentives.
412013-02-16In which I talk about Stardew Valley, ponder what releasing the source code would mean for Punchlands, and end early so I can go back to reading Little Brother.
402013-02-09Queztatlapoca and I ramble about video games, also: CRAFTING, it's soon!
392013-02-02Special guest Glebs talks about his project Lazer Mike and we say some things about some video games.
382013-01-26In which I wax psychological regarding games and their inherent worth, and whether or not entertainment excluded artistic value.
372012-12-08In which we talk about quests, read a readermail from Nude Hotdog, and have Queztatlapoca on as a special guest.
362012-12-01In which I talk about debugging and quest code and agree with loudestmute about things.
352012-11-24In which I am joined by Lord_Teroh and we talk about Punchlands and Lord_Teroh's RPG.
342012-11-17Topic: Brevity. Special guests: Lord_Teroh and Extremely Janky Sound Equipment Setup. There are speakers pointing at microphones. It's just nonsense.
332012-11-10The state of Punch Town. Bad sound quality warning!
322012-11-03Talking about the travel system and hopes and dreams.
312012-10-27New town! Organ donor! Exciting future things! Kickstarter projects!
302012-10-20In which I talk about Minecraft and some stuff
292012-10-17Topic: TRADE is up! I talk about my feelings about the new trade system.
282012-10-10Topic: Missing. Special Guest: Queztatlapoca. We talk about how wrong he is.
272012-10-02Topic: Trade. Trade! I'm working on it so it's on my mind.
262012-09-25This episode is boring. It's a recap episode in which I forget all of the details of the thing I'm recapping. But hey! First show back!
252012-03-31Topic: Long recap, potential temporary goodbye, how I feel about sellers-out.
242012-03-24Topic: Chadomancer's winning prize entry, Arena Royale! Lots of fun.
232012-03-17Topic: PRIZES! Congratulations Chadomancer, Gmorg, Playhavock, and Soldan! You won the Zero Percent Game Dev contest! Your games were really cool.
222012-03-10Topic: Ramble! I talked about migraines and Kickpuncher combat and motivation and read some listenermail and talked about it. PRIZES WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN ONE WEEK.
212012-02-25Topic: Going up. Ascending. Progressing vertically. Orientation and exploration in games.
202012-02-18Topic: Bad experiences in gameplay! Mentioned: Demons' Souls, Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time and Super Princess Peach. All good games, except...
192012-02-11Topic: No topic! I talk about some things that I've been thinking about and where I'm going with Kickpuncher.
182012-02-04In Which I Answer A Bunch Of Interview-Style Questions From AgentAgent Regarding Game Development As A Pursuit
172012-01-28The topic is difficulty in games. Four more days to get your game submissions in! Whole or part, I want 'em!
162012-01-21Topic: Randomization in games! Ten days left to enter the contest!
152012-01-14The topic is PvP! I ramble a bit, most of my words are based on conjecture. Half the month is over, guys! Work on your games for the contest!
142012-01-07Topic: Save-game systems. Special guest: My new podcast upload script.
132011-12-31Suuuper contest! Sound warning! Very poor quality audio, and very loud. This was recorded on a laptop at a party. Happy New Year! Contest details inside, and here.
122011-12-26Impromptu show! I covered a slot on radio-kol and decided to do a live recording of the missed Saturday show. Topic: Game limiters on time and energy spent.
112011-12-18No topic! Short show. Recapped week, shared a few more details on THE JANUARY CONTEST. Prepare yourselves. Hey YellowToast, how's the sound quality on this one, eh?
102011-12-10Game balance! Monopoly, KoL, Path of Exile, Magic the Gathering. Contest in January! Make an account on KoL to participate. More details in future shows!
92011-12-03A short show, just a week's recap and a promise for a real show next week.
82011-11-26Topic: What Makes Games Fun? Special Guests: Gmorg, YellowToast, Nassive, Space Piranha
72011-11-19The topic is the business side of games.
62011-11-12The topic is graphics in games.
52011-11-05The topic is multiplayer aspects in games. Special guest Space Piranha.
42011-10-29The topic is permanence and persistence in game worlds. Special guests Disembodied Voice, Space Piranha, Geranium.
32011-10-22The topic is BATTLE.
22011-10-15The topic is classes and job systems in games.
12011-10-08The first show! The topic is Crafting.